a transformative healing process


Tools For Healing

Daily Allowance Cards are a powerful tool allowing you to tap into unlimited abundance, love, forgiveness and healing. These cards are the antidotes to all the negativity we’ve been feeding ourselves for years. They will open the door to good things coming your way. Daily Allowance Cards can be repeated over and over as often as it feels right to you. They help focus your awareness and ability to co-create what you want in your life.

Read your card daily, feel and believe the statement and know it is true for you today. The positive belief behind your thoughts speeds up the co-creation process.

It’s normal to resist belief in these statements at first. If you’ve been feeding yourself negative ideas for years and years, the positive may feel strange for a while. But diligently and assertively use your Daily Allowance Cards, and it won’t take that long to transform your life. Just give it time, be patient and don’t give up.

Daily Allowance Cards make the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Buy yours today for only $19.95!

Only $19.95

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