a transformative healing process


“Discover and trust the spirit within you. Allow yourself to be guided by that energy...and be open to the messages.”

That's exactly what Regina tells new clients of Urosa, or anyone new to alternative forms of therapy like the one she utilizes in a safe, nurturing environment.

Everyone wants RESULTS sooner rather than later. Traditional forms of therapy can take a long time.  A visit to Urosa will result in a faster way of moving energy. If you're open to allowing the type of work we practice here to "happen," you'll see results.

We will reveal both the "good" and the "bad" feelings you're harboring inside, and tap into the goodness while releasing the negative.

Regardless of what issue might have you feeling "stuck"...addiction, dependence, illness, or physical imbalance...there is hope.

Let's discuss how Urosa can help you.

Available for In Person and Phone Sessions.

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