a transformative healing process


Regina’s Journey

When Regina first started her own journey of spiritual exploration and meditation, she didn't know what the phrase "energy work" really meant. But over time, she found she had a gift of finding insight and answers to others' problems.

After a near death experience in the late '90s, a voice spoke to Regina asking what she wanted to do in life. Immediately, she knew she put here to help others tap into their feelings and get in touch with the spirit that works within each of us.

In each energy therapy session, Regina explores the emotional feelings of your daily life. From there, the healing begins once we identify your stumbling blocks or what is "stuck" in your energy field. Regina helps people trust and utilize the messages from the spirit in their daily lives.

Regina's ability to see aspects and energies that don't serve people, layer by layer, is a true gift. You'll be relieved of imprints of past traumas and be equipped to operate in a different manner.

We all have feelings inside of us...some that feel good, and some that feel rotten! At Urosa, we can help you uncover those bad feelings that are keeping you our of balance, help you to release them, and live a more productive, happy existence.

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